Channel Letters

Channel Letters

There are many different ways to make a sign stand out. Two of the most popular are illumination and dimensionality. Channel letter signs use both. Many of the signs we see are flat; they exist on a two dimensional plane. This goes beyond signs, too, as our phones, computer screens, books, paintings and a lot of the other images and lettering we see only exists within two dimensions. Adding an extra dimension’s worth of depth can really make your sign stand out. And illuminating that sign can’t hurt, either. That is why channel letters can be exceptionally effective.

Channel letters are great for spelling out words that must be noticed. Business signs which display the names of companies and stores can be made all the more effective by using channel letters. If you really want your restaurant or movie theater in Chula Vista to stand out, you should consider using channel letters. Channel letters can be used as business signage, on pole signs, as reception area signs, storefront signs, and more.

Materials are important for channel letters. You have several options when it comes to materials, including: plastic, foam, and various metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and more. Because channel letters are illuminated, they are great outdoor signs that can generate even more impressions at night and in the rain or fog.

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