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Bathroom Signage

Bathroom signage: it’s as boring as it is necessary, right? If you run a business or building that has a bathroom, you need to identify where it is. Otherwise you might have confused and annoyed customers and guests, and in a worst case scenario, might have an awful mess to deal with. So, you just slap on a sign that says “bathroom”, right? Well, you could do that. But if you get custom bathroom signage that stays on brand with your business, you can create a better atmosphere.

Signs can communicate subtle things to us beyond the text that they display. This includes bathroom signs. If you manage a professional business in Carlsbad, such as a legal office or nice hotel, you want your bathroom signage to look as good as your business does. A nice engraved sign on a plaque can both notifying people where the bathroom is and create an air of professionalism and respectability.

Or, let’s say you run a bar in Carlsbad. You can use colorful and interesting wall graphics to indicate where the bathrooms are. For example, let’s say your bar specializes in gin drinks and cocktails, why not use graphics of a 1920’s-themed man and woman to indicate the “Gents” and “Ladies” bathrooms, respectively?

Whether you run a professional office, a fun bar, a gym, grocery store, or any other type of business in the San Diego area of California, Lighthouse Sign Co. can design, manufacture, and install top quality bathroom signage for you. To learn more, please contact us.

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