Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs typically feature colored text and/or graphics on a clear panel. The clear background creates a visual effect that causes the letters and graphics to stand out. Acrylic signs are made from a cast polymer. This polymer is transparent and largely colorless. With regards to the text and graphics of acrylic signs, the most common choice is UV ink which is printed directly onto the backing panel. While UV ink is perhaps the most popular option, it is not the only option. Print films or vinyl lettering can be applied to the acrylic panels, as well.

Acrylic signs have a simple but elegant appearance. Acrylic signs have a touch of class and dynamism not present in some other more basic types of signage. Acrylic signs can give your business a contemporary and professional look. They offer a good alternative to glass signs because they are lighter and this makes them easier to install. Acrylic signs also tend to be less expensive than glass signs. They are also quite durable.

Acrylic signs are sleek and modern and, frankly, look more expensive than they actually are. Acrylic signs have numerous possible functions. They can serve as: business signs, corporate signage, reception signs, lobby signage, trade show displays, office signage, and more! Acrylic signs are also versatile in that you can print just about anything you want on them.

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