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How you represent your corporation to the outside world is crucial. It’s at the heart of your marketing. Corporations tend to put tons of time, money, and thought into things like television ads but they don’t always put enough effort into their corporate signage, which is itself an important vehicle for conveying their brand identity. Corporations can use signage to subtly convey aspects of what their business is all about. You want customers and other businesses to take notice of your corporate signage. You want them to be impressed and you also want them to get an idea of who you are.

Corporate signage is also an important tool with which to convey to the staff the meaning and purpose of your business. You want your staff to feel proud of where they work and you want them to believe in the work that they do. All of this might seem high minded, and it is and it goes far beyond just the signs you use, but there’s no denying that corporate signage is a part of it. You should be as proud of your corporate signage as you are of your company.

Some common examples of corporate signage include:

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