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Wall GraphicsWalls are an excellent place to install graphics. Walls often have a lot of free space. Freestanding signs can take up space on the floor of your Carlsbad retail store or Chula Vista office and get in people’s way. Sometimes ceiling or floor graphics are a great solution to this, but they don’t work with everybody’s ceilings and floors. Externally, you don’t always have permission to place a sign on the ground outside your building, but you might have the permission to install a graphic on your wall.

There are many different types of graphics that you can install on walls. Small wall signs can be adequately managed by decals, often made of vinyl. Wall decals (or stickers) are inexpensive but can only be applied once; you can’t move them around the wall. Because they’re typically not very big, wall decals are best suited for text and small graphics. If you want to go bigger, you can get a ceiling-to-floor (or external) wall mural. Wall murals are great to inspire and motivate staff, identify a building and brand a space, and to create a relationship with the community around you. Lastly, you can use digitally printed wallpaper to display a vivid and sharp looking scene. For example, a hostel or hotel in San Diego can use digitally printed wallpaper to display an aerial photograph of San Diego, welcoming visitors to the city.

Lighthouse Signs can design, manufacture, and install high quality wall graphics in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

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