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The Definitive Guide to Effective Lobby Signs: Making a Lasting Impression

Lobby signs are an integral part of any office, building, or business space. Research shows they can be a vital quality that enhances customer experiences. All in all, lobby signs for businesses are powerful branding and marketing tools that can take your business to new heights.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the types of lobby signs available and why you should consider installing one at your business. We’ll also explore helpful design tips and share inspirational designs to help you kickstart creating your next lobby sign.

What Are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs in San Diego cover a broad category of branding, advertising, and wayfinding signage installed at entrances or in reception areas. Whether they display the business’s name and logo above the receptionist’s desk, decorate the reception area with stunning artwork, or provide directions for people to navigate the office, lobby signs are an essential part of any business’s signage system.

Some of the most popular signs installed in lobbies are:

  • Business name signs, like channel letters and metal signs
  • Tabletop signs, such as ‘Reception’ and ‘Information’ plaques, and leaflet holders
  • Door numbers and nameplates
  • Directory signs that tell people where to go
  • Digital displays are used for showing ads
  • Environmental graphics, which are used for branding the office

Not seeing the kind of sign you’re looking for? This list is a small selection of the types of signs you can install in your lobby. We offer an enormous variety of signs, so contact us today to discuss your unique needs. Our team will bring your vision to life.

Why You Need to Install Lobby Signs in San Diego

Lobby signs for business are quintessential fixtures in nearly all businesses; here’s why:

  • Branding and Decor

Personalized lobby signage adds a decorative element to the space. You can use your signs to add visual flair and even lighting to the space. Moreover, custom signs reflect your branding, meaning you can create a unique experience for visitors as they enter. Humans are visual creatures, which is why design elements, such as colors and logos, are far more memorable than text.

  • Strong Impression on Visitors

Visitors will notice the attention to detail you add to your sign’s design. High-quality business lobby signs are one of the first signs seen upon a visitor’s entrance. They are responsible for generating first impressions, which reflect their importance. Ensure that your signage aligns with your brand and embodies your business’s personality to make the right impression.

  • Boost Employee Morale

The Harvard Business Review found that inspiring spaces encourage people to be more creative. Appealing spaces also create a sense of belonging and raise employee morale. Signage not only allows you to create attractive lobbies, but it can also help boost productivity. Create the right atmosphere by designing the right sign with our team at Lighthouse Sign Co.

  1. Foster a Safe Space

Safety starts with signage. Safety signs ensure compliance with health and safety requirements and workplace standards. Effectively designed emergency signs have also been proven to encourage safer behaviors. Communicate all safety information with employees and customers alike to ensure everyone’s safety in the event of an emergency.

  1. Create Accessible Spaces

ADA business lobby signs play a dual role: ensuring your office is easy to navigate and creating positive experiences for people with disabilities. While installing ADA signs can reduce the risk of a hefty ADA fine, they also create an inclusive, welcoming space for anyone who walks through your front doors.

Design Tips for Effective Lobby Signage

The decor, budget, and your vision for the lobby will influence the design of your San Diego lobby signs. That said, here are two essential steps for creating impactful signs:

  1. Have a clear idea of why you are investing in new signage: Are you trying to brand your space? Do you want to display advertising? Are you installing signage to create a more upscale environment? Knowing the “why” behind your signage will expedite the design process.
  2. Prepare a sign strategy: Create a comprehensive plan for your San Diego lobby signs. It should encompass what signs you plan to install and where, what the purpose of each sign will be, and what your budget is for implementing your plan.

Once these two areas are addressed, designing your signage will become a breeze.

Looking for more support? Here are a few design tips to keep in mind:

  • Typography: Avoid the temptation to use your logo’s font for everything. It may be over-stylized and hard to read on a small sign. Instead, use a simple, sans serif font that is easy to read quickly.
  • Colors scheme: Incorporate your business’s colors in signs as much as possible. Keep in mind that specific colors affect moods.
  • Material choice: Materials have as much impact on the appearance of the sign as the design you create. For example, metal lobby signs look premium and have an imposing presence, acrylic lobby signs look contemporary, and wooden signs are great for earthy tones and decor.
  • Illumination: Lighting adds a whole new dimension to office lobby signs. Spotlighting creates a dynamic look, while halo-lighting adds ambiance. Virtually every sign can be illuminated, and you can consider all your options with your signage partner.

Looking to Upgrade Your Lobby Signs in San Diego, CA?

Whether you are looking to replace your existing San Deigo lobby signs or elevate your new office, we are the team for you. Lighthouse Sign Co. provides an end-to-end experience for lobby signs in San Diego, CA. Our team of experienced, talented sign specialists will design, print, install, and maintain beautifully crafted signs that embody your brand’s personality. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have accurately reflected your business and brought your ideal sign to life.

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