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What Are Business Signs Made Of?

When you’re adding a new sign for your business, you want to make sure you use top-quality materials that are made to withstand the conditions of your location.  Whether you plan to place your sign inside, outside, or on a vehicle, your sign needs to stand out and remain intact for years to come.

Business signs can be made from a wide range of materials.  Some of the most popular options include:


Wood is a popular choice for business signs because it is durable and can be easily painted or stained to match the branding of the business.  Wood is great for sandblasted signs, post and panel signs, engraved signs, and more.

Another common option is Durawood which looks and feels like wood, but it’s actually made from a type of vinyl and is less expensive.  It also withstands the elements better than wood when placed outdoors.  High-density urethane foam is another cost-effective wood-like option that is waterproof.  It comes in a variety of textures and can last 10+ years.


Metal signs can be made from aluminum, steel, or brass, and are a popular choice for outdoor signs because they are waterproof, rust-proof, and weather-resistant. Aluminum is actually one of the most popular sign materials because it’s so lightweight but also very strong. It comes in varying levels of thickness and can be used in all different types of signs including informational signage, channel letters, and cabinet signs.

Dibond is similar to aluminum, but it’s thicker. This gives it more dimension and depth.  The solid plastic core makes it stronger than aluminum, but doesn’t add weight.  It’s also very tolerant of temperature extremes.  Alumilite is like Dibond, but it has a corrugated plastic core.  It will not rot, swell, delaminate, or corrode even after prolonged water exposure, and it’s very wind-resistant.


Plastic signs are a lightweight and cost-effective option for business signs. They can be made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, polycarbonate, and PVC.  Plastic signage is great for dimensional signs and 3D lettering, although foam can also be used. Acrylic is versatile and can be used indoor or outdoors, and it looks like glass but is easier to cut into custom shapes.  It can be colorful or it can be transparent with your text or image brightly contrasted with the glass-like background.  This elegant signage is often used for lobby signs, office signs, and corporate signs


Glass signs are a high-end option that can add a touch of sophistication to a business’s branding. They are typically made from tempered or laminated glass for added durability.  These are usually used inside and are similar to acrylic signs.  Glass can also be used to encase menu boards and other types of signs.


Fabric signs can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, vinyl, and mesh. They are a flexible option that can be easily customized and are often used for event-based signage or as banners. Vinyl specifically is great for window signs, wall and floor graphics, and car wraps because it won’t damage them when removed.  They’re an affordable option and perfect for seasonal signage advertising sales or new menu options because although they adhere well, they can be removed easily when the time comes. 


LED signs are a modern option that use light-emitting diodes to display messaging and graphics. They are energy-efficient and can be easily programmed to display a variety of messages.  They’re also lightweight and shine brighter than other types of lighted signs.  These are often used for digital or electronic signs and are cost-effective because you don’t have to replace the signage when you make major business changes, you only need to reprogram the text. 

These are just some of the options available for your signage. The material chosen for a business sign will depend on the specific needs and preferences of your business, including the location and intended use of the sign, as well as the budget and design preferences of your business.  At Lighthouse Sign Co., we only use high-quality materials and equipment to manufacture your perfect sign. 

If you’re looking to install a business sign for your company, contact our expert team at Lighthouse Sign Co.  With years of experience in graphic design, sign manufacturing, and skillful installation, we can help your business stand out with the best business sign for your brand!



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