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Outdoor Signage Design Ideas to Boost Your Business

The sign is to a store, while the hook is to a book.  You want your business to get noticed amongst the sea of other businesses it must compete with. So do they. So how do you stand out?  Outdoor signs will be the first line of sight. You’ll want to choose your sign with the consideration of outdoor conditions:

  • Weather
  • Sun bleaching
  • Darkness/Fog,

This will help your sign stay visible day and night. Let’s discuss some outdoor sign design ideas to help boost your business.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got proper zoning permits and that it’s being placed strategically. Put the sign in open spaces away from obstructions and be mindful of direct competition. Next, choose a design that’s eye-catching and highly visible from all angles.

Thinking In 3D
You want your sign design to stand out or stick out – literally, looking at your business front-on in order to recognize it isn’t going to cut it. Try some 3D dynamic designs to get the most out of your sign’s purpose: to boost your business.

Light up the night with this 3D luminescent sign style. People will catch sight of that sign at any hour from almost any angle.

Use bold, brilliant light colors that are on brand to distinguish yourself from the rest. Contrast lettering against the background for an added popping effect. Consider if you want a front, halo(backlight), front & back, or open-face lit style. Pick a mount that works for the environment around you, and voila.

These graphic signs are fantastic for brand recognition and visibility.

You may know these as “sandwich boards,” and they’re used on the ground to funnel foot traffic into the business using branding and extra memos. The appeal here is the customizability of the location and the content, as well as the price point of the sign.

Make sure the sign includes visible branding (logo, name, etc.) while having a space for erasable writing (chalk or marker). The content written should be brief and catchy to entice and update passersby. Decorate the front and add some light animations that are compatible with the branding to make the sign more fun and visually appealing. Avoid cursive for easy readability.

Think of a flag jutting out of the outside of a building; this is the same perpendicular placement of a projecting sign. Instead of a frontal view of an embedded sign, the projecting sign allows for a double-sided or 360° view of the business name/logo. Foot traffic passing by the front of the business will be able to see what they’re approaching without having to stop and pivot to look up at the sign, which is extremely useful for visibility.

These vertically-oriented signs can be lit up, engraved, channel style, etc. The possibilities are endless.

You know what they say -.go big or go home. You certainly don’t want customers to turn around and go home, so make sure you’re shouting from the rooftops that you’re open. These (usually) illuminated signs give maximum visibility to everyone within a wide radius. It’s like a giant beacon in the skyline!

Whatever your style, Lighthouse Sign Co. has you covered. From design to installation, we’ll get you the perfect design for your business, for all to see.



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