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3 Common Mistakes with Design and Installation of Outdoor Signs

Part of having a business is getting your name out there and making your location known. If you’re looking to install a large sign out front to attract new customers or help your business stand out, a monument sign might be just what you need!  Read on to find out what a monument sign is and how it can help your company!

What is a Monument Sign?

A monument sign is a large, free-standing sign that sits low to the ground, usually having little to no space between the sign and the ground.  They are constructed with weather-resistant materials and made to stand the test of time.  You’ve probably seen them in front of universities, apartment buildings, corporate headquarters, and a variety of different businesses.

Monument signs San Diego display the name of the business and can incorporate logos and slogans as well as other information you want to provide.  They make fantastic landmarks so that people can easily find your business and even use your company as a reference point for other directions, solidifying your brand in the minds of potential customers.  If your business is open at night, you may want to consider adding a spotlight to keep the sign well-lit for passersby.

What are the Benefits of Having a Monument Sign?

Monument signs San Diego have many different advantages and can really boost your business.  In fact, this type of sign has very few downsides.  A possible concern with monument signs is if they are blocked by foliage of some sort since they are low to the ground.  This can easily be remedied by simply avoiding placing the signs where such foliage exists.  On the other hand, let’s look at some of the many benefits monument signs San Diego can offer your business:

Attract Customers

One of the greatest advantages of monument signs is that they can help you attract new customers!  Monument signs San Diego are large enough to be seen from a distance and being placed at eye-level makes them hard to ignore.  In fact, studies show that the average location sign is seen 50-60 times each month by individuals living or working within a five mile radius!  Simply by existing, an attractive monument sign can bring in new customers through subconscious advertising and increased visibility of your brand.

People are likely to make the decision of which business they want to enter based on brand recognition. By adding a monument sign to your business, you’ll increase the ease at which people can locate and recognize your company.  As mentioned above, monument signs San Diego make great landmarks for people to reference as well as make it easier to find your business — especially in busy areas.  When people mention your sign while giving directions, it increases your brand recognition through word of mouth in addition to the subconscious recognition being instilled in regular passersby.


Monument signs are a practical option for any business.  Regardless of your location, most municipalities permit monument signs San Diego even if they have height restrictions or other strict regulations.  Monument signs are also a practical tool that gives your business 24/7 marketing.  They can be used for single businesses as well as multi-business buildings or as tenant signs making them extremely versatile.

Since they’re weather-resistant, they make a great investment for years to come without having to continually replace them or keep up with maintenance.  They don’t show signs of damage as easily as other types of signage and therefore require almost no maintenance. This makes them a cost-effective advertising solution.  They’re typically less expensive than billboards, newspapers, and other advertising options especially when you consider their longevity.  Even if you include LED message boards on your monument sign, the lights are energy-efficient and last for decades.


Monument signs San Diego are highly customizable.  This means you can design them to align with your brand identity.  Like most signage, you can choose your colors, fonts, and message, but monument signs also provide the opportunity to use unique sign shapes that complement your brand or the architecture of your building.  This helps create a memorable impression for those who pass by your sign.  You can also add beautiful landscaping to accompany the sign and make it even more attractive to potential customers.

Monument signs can be made out of a variety of materials that fit your desired look while still remaining durable.  You can use stone, brick, stainless steel, concrete, stucco, polycarbonate, and more.  You can add embossed or engraved lettering, lighted components, posts and arches, and so many other elements that can enhance the look of your business.

If you’re in need of a customizable business sign that brings in new customers, requires little maintenance, enhances your brand recognition, and makes it easy to identify your business location, contact us for a monument sign.  With years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing excellent monument signs San Diego, our team at Lighthouse Sign Co. can help you put together the perfect signage for your business.



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