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5 Creative Tips To Create A Winning Business Sign

Every great business deserves great signage!  Design is one of the most critical aspects of creating a winning business sign that draws in customers and highlights your brand.  To ensure you get it right, we’ve compiled 5 creative tips to make your sign stand out amongst the rest!


When you are creating a sign that represents your business — whether it’s interior or exterior — it’s tempting to include all of the information you want customers to know.  While this can be necessary for some signs, like directory signs, in general, it’s better to use fewer words to get your point across. When your sign becomes too wordy or too cluttered, the message you’re trying to convey gets lost. 

It’s also important to choose the right words for your business sign.  You can use basic words that are simple and straight to the point, but when you use interesting phrases that still deliver your message, they’re more likely to be remembered.  A clever play on words or an alliteration can imprint on the minds of your potential customers.

Go Against the Grain

Living in the U.S. means seeing signs everywhere you go!  Eventually, your brain seems to block a lot of them out as you carry on with your daily activities.  To avoid being unconsciously lumped in with the millions of other signs passersby run into, use sign elements that set you apart from the competition.

If most of your industry uses the color red in their signage, try another bright color like blue so your business stands out.  If everyone styles an icon the same way, try a new unique way of drawing the image.  

For example, many businesses have internal restrooms for customers to use.  Instead of using the standard man and woman figures, you could spice it up a bit by either drawing the figures different from the normal icons or replacing them altogether with something more applicable to your industry — such as aliens for a space-themed restaurant or Mr. and Mrs. Pacman for an arcade.

Go Big or Go Home

We’ve all heard that phrase, but it’s especially true when it comes to signage.  You want to make sure your sign is visible from where you intend your customers to see it.  If you expect customers to drive past and see your sign outside, make sure that both the sign size and the font on the sign are large enough for them to read.  If you want your customers to notice the sign in a place full of other signs, a bigger version will certainly garner more attention.

Make it Your Own

Be sure to include elements that are unique to your business.  Whether you have a neat logo, a unique font, or an identifying color combination, it’s important that customers can see your sign and know who it belongs to right away!  Brand recognition is key to creating a winning business sign.  If you include your business name on the sign, that’s perfect!  But if you don’t, you need to ensure that passersby can tell who you are just from the sign stylization. 

Hire a Design Company

Finally, if you are not a designer yourself, the best thing you can do to create a compelling sign for your business is to hire a company that can design something for you.  Sign professionals like those at Lighthouse Sign Co. are well-versed in sign design and can help you create something that works perfectly for your business.  They’ll discuss your brand and your objectives and draw up something that is sure to bring customers to your door!  If you’re interested in creating a winning business sign, request a quote today




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