Should You Get a Business Sign with Letters?

Obviously, the most effective business signs usually have letters on them, but have you considered getting a business sign with 3D letters? Rather than just placing the title of your business on a flat sign above your door or facing the street, there are a variety of benefits to getting lettered business signs.

What are Lettered Business Signs?

Lettered business signs are signs with raised letters, either embossed on a flat surface or letters that stand alone without a backdrop.  A lot of businesses have flat signs that show the name of their business, maybe a logo, and possibly some other information.  This is the signage that is used to identify the business as people drive by or walk past.  While these can be very useful and hold a lot of information, lettered signs offer your business a way to stand out and can be considered even more professional.

Adding dimensionality to your signage helps draw attention to your business.  A large outdoor sign that highlights your company through highly visible lettering can’t help but be noticed by passersby.  People tend to be cognizant of embossed signs because they stand out from the flat signage we see most places.  The large letters on your business sign help people take note of the name of your business (or the message you choose to write), which in turn increases your brand awareness and subsequently draws new customers.

When you see a business that has a lettered sign, you often subconsciously give it more prestige.  If you look at the signage on the offices of popular and well-known brands like Microsoft, Verizon, Chipotle, PetSmart, and others, you’ll see that they usually have raised or standalone letters.  This is because it provides an air of authority or importance that gives them more credibility.  Using a lettered sign for your company can help to put your own business on par with these big brands in the eyes of passersby!

What Lettered Sign Options Exist?

There are so many different ways to create a lettered sign so there will certainly be an option that’s perfect for your business.  Keep in mind that dimensional signs can also include logos and brand marks along with the letters.  Here are some options:

Monument Sign – A monument sign is a large, free-standing sign that sits low to the ground and is constructed with weather-resistant materials.  While this is typically a flat sign, you can add embossed lettering to give it that professional appeal.  Many universities use this at some of their many entrances.

Channel Letter Sign – Channel letters add an extra dimension to help make your sign stand out, and they’re typically internally illuminated which provides an extra oomph and makes them even more striking at night.

3D Letter Sign – Exploring the third dimension with 3D letter signs draws attention to your storefront and helps get your brand noticed.  3D lettering can even be used for reception desks, trade show displays, address signs, and more.

Neon Sign – Illuminating your sign in neon draws the eyes of everyone around.  It also helps your business be seen at night, even at a distance.  Plus it aids with visibility in the rain or fog while also emphasizing the modernity of your business.

Lighted Sign – Lighted signs use illumination to make themselves distinct from other visual stimuli.  A bright shining sign is more visible at night and can even create the appearance of movement.

These are just some of the many options available to you.  If you’re looking to get a new sign for your business, contact Lighthouse Sign Co. to discuss your options.  With years of experience, our team will help design the perfect sign to represent your brand, use high-quality materials to create it, and ensure it is installed correctly and securely.  See all our signage options here.



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