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Does Cold Weather Affect Vehicle Wraps?

Does the cold weather affect vehicle wraps? The short answer is no. Colder weather can sometimes make them challenging to apply. However, a well-applied vehicle wrap should have no problem holding up through the winter months with proper care.

That said, they are not impervious to the weather and the elements. In this article, you will learn about the different factors that will affect your wrap’s longevity and how you can best protect it.

Things To Avoid

Many different factors can impact the lifespan of your vehicle wrap. Here are a few things to avoid during the cold winter months and all year long that will extend the life of your wrap.

    1. Road Salt
      Even though road salt is an avoidable part of driving in the winter, it’s important to remember its corrosive nature. Ensure you get into the habit of removing salt regularly to avoid build-up that leads to damaging your vinyl. This includes the salt in the wheel wells and undercarriage as it can lead to rust which can also damage your wrap.


    1. Ice Scrapers
      An ice scraper is a highly effective tool. It can remove ice from your windows and the car wrap from your car. When removing snow and ice from your car during the winter, use a soft cloth or broom. Ice scrapers and even their brushes can scratch and scrape your car wrap.


    1. Routine Cleaning
      In order to get the most out of your investment, proper care must be taken to maintain your wrap. Here are some recommended care tips to increase its longevity.

      • Wash your vehicle regularly. The longer dirt and stains remain on your car, the harder they are to come out and the deeper they become embedded. Prevent scratching and weathering by washing your vehicle routinely.
      • Use gentle automotive sponges and detergents to clean your car. Ensure that whatever you use to wash your car is free of solvents and not oil-based.


    1. Store Indoors
      When possible, try and store your vehicle indoors, not just in the winter but all year long. Keeping your car in a garage can protect your wrap from the elements extending its life.


How Does the Cold Affect Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps can be more challenging to apply in cold weather. Some of the problems you can face when applying a wrap in the cold are:

  • Wraps are made of vinyl, and in the cold, it becomes brittle and unpliable.
  • The cold makes the adhesive less tacky, making it more difficult to stick to the car’s surface.
  • Additionally, the surface becomes cool too quickly, making wraps challenging to align, eliminate bubbles, etc.

While the cold weather does create some issues, they are entirely avoidable ones. A qualified and credible vinyl wrap company works in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure the cold weather has no bearing on the service you receive.

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