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Building Signage – Making Your Identity Stand Out

Building signage is a 24/7, year-round identifier for any business with a physical address.  Prominently located and properly designed and constructed, your building signage can play an important, if not crucial role in communicating both who and where you are.  If there’s one easy way to maintain a constant presence in front of your prospective clients and existing customers, it is through eye-catching signage on your building exterior.  Here’s what you should look for when you want to enhance your image via the outside of your bricks and mortar.

Long-term Value: Make the Most of Your Building Signage Opportunity
Once it goes up, your building sign is working for you until you decide it’s time to try a new one, or you switch locations.  Usually, that’s a very, very long time of continuous service.  It makes sense, then, to ensure both the design and quality of construction are both effective and durable.

Remember, your building sign is communicating more than your physical location, although that is crucially important.  It is also conveying an image.  Whether your place of business is a nightclub, a sporting goods store, an opera house, or a florist —  the sign atop your building is an opportunity for a memorable snapshot of who you are; it’s a chance to create a mental impression. Choice of colors, fonts, logo, graphics, and the types of materials used to make your signage all play a role in how successful it will be.  Make sure it is the message you want to communicate in all regards.

Consistency in Your Building Signage
Another important aspect is to make sure that your building signage, both for your main entrance and surrounding signs, displays consistency.  Having a glorious building sign out front, surrounded by hand-written cardboard signs all around it is a rather ineffective use of the opportunity to communicate your message of quality.  And if your building sign isn’t consistent with your brand, then you’ll be sending customers mixed messages.

Conceiving an overall plan and design for the exterior, and even following through to the building interior, will give you the maximum impact from your building signage.  No worries, we can help you design the best building sign for your specific business —  get a free consultation today!



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