Lobby Signs for Your San Diego Business

When your place of business has the advantage of a lobby area, you can make it more functional and attractive with a lobby sign.  Put your brand or primary messaging right up front to catch your prospects’ and customers’ attention the moment they walk through your doors!

What a Good Lobby Sign Achieves

Your lobby sign can be informational, giving directions with arrows, hours of business, features, or whatever else you think people should know as they enter. But an eye-catching design is important, too.  It means you are serious about your customers and potential customers.  A sign in your lobby says “this San Diego business aims to please.” Whether your lobby is spacious and grand, or compact and inviting, a beautifully designed sign can help close your sale right off the bat.  As they say, first impressions are vital; your lobby sign gives you that first chance to impress.

Types of Lobby Signs for Your Business

Today’s manufacturing technologies offer an almost boundless variety of signage types and designs.  Brass engraved signage, directory signs on gleaming metal stands, wall graphics with logos and slogans – you are pretty much only limited by your imagination.

You should focus on the space you have at hand for your lobby sign.  If you’re located in a tighter downtown San Diego location, or perhaps a small-ish space in a shopping center, you need to look at the optimum placement for your signage, and then utilize the most space-friendly design.  One area that has gained popularity recently has been the floor.  Beautifully designed graphics and messaging, in a durable decal form, can be placed right at your prospect’s or customer’s feet.  It works, and let’s face it – the floor is a typically under-utilized space for signage. Consider all your opportunities to catch the public’s eye.

Lobby Sign Design

We’ve mentioned the myriad number of sign types and materials available to you.  The sheer variety can be dizzying.  Keep in mind, however, that one aspect must remain consistent: consistency.  That means keeping a common color scheme, the same logos, fonts, and lettering throughout, even down to the materials you choose.  While you may personally have a flair for contrast and cacophony, generally speaking, it’s likely not the optimal way to go when trying to communicate your business message.  So go with complimentary vs. clashing, when it comes to your lobby signs. The end in mind should be to leave a uniform, lasting message with your clients and prospects.  If you don’t have specific design ideas in mind, that’s okay.  Our professional design team would be happy to schedule a free consultation with you to go over your needs.

Explore Lobby Signage Options for Your San Diego Business

The concluding message, then, is – whatever lobby space your business happens to have, make the most of it.  Vinyl banner, free standing pedestal, electronic signage, foot traffic resistant floor signage decal – no matter what your situation, a great lobby sign gives you the chance to make an impact with the public, right when it counts.  Contact us to discuss lobby sign options for your San Diego business.



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