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Are you aware of the most common signage mistakes you need to avoid? Here they are.

Your business sign is supposed to stand out, and be prominent. The amount of effort you put into establishing and marketing your brand can only pay off through a well-designed and perfectly installed business sign. However, the best sign will fail to make an impression, if it isn’t placed in the right manner. In this article, we shall take a look at 4 sign mistakes that you need to avoid.
Let’s break it down.

Bad Readability

Bad readability is one of the most common signage issues and has a lot to do with the distance with which a sign is viewed. Your sign must be viewable perfectly from a distance. Similarly, if the sign letters on the side of your building, the people standing below won’t have a clue, what it says. These were just extreme examples, but your signs should be the right size, so that they are viewed and read easily, from all directions.

Visual Hurdles

As discussed above, the job of your sign is to be prominent, and not appear as something in the backdrop. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes, and evaluate the hurdles present. When installing your business signs, you’ll need to take care of hurdles like nearby buildings, trucks, signboards, and trees. If possible, try having a word with the local municipal corporation. Not taking care of hurdles will make your investment go in vain, as your signs will hide behind them.

Sun Damage

There will be several signs in your locality that will exhibit clear signs of sun damage. Constant exposure to the sun can make these signs fade, and lose color, just in a couple of months. Such issues take place because of the wrong printing ink used. To protect signs from sun damage, UV resistant printing ink should be used. Not only do these inks withstand sun damage, but they can also handle heavy rains. For high-quality and long-lasting signs, seek help from a professional signs company in San Diego, CA.

Poor Installation

Another common signage mistake to avoid is improper installation. To hold up against weather changes and similar issues, your signage needs to be installed properly. Sometimes, signage has a complex support system. If this is the issue, the signs need to be installed by sign professionals. The costs of installation depend heavily upon the size, materials, and location of the signs being installed. In case you are installing the signage for a storefront, make sure to go through the local laws, to keep yourself from any penalties.

These are the most common signage mistakes to avoid. Making any one of the above mistakes can not only make your signage less visible, but it can also get you into legal trouble, so take heed. Make sure you assign you signage project to a professional signs company in San Diego, CA.



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